Daily4x Trader's Group


1. Go to the TradingView website www.tradingview.com and log in to your account.

2. Click on “Chart” or open any chart.

3. Click on “the Indicators and Strategies” icon [ƒx] located at the top of the TradingView chart panel.

4. A new window will appear showing all the public scripts and invite-only indicators and strategies.

5. Click on “Invite-only scripts” to gain access. Select the Daily4xTrades indicator to add the indicator script to your account and chart. 

Add Your Alerts!

1. First choose the time frame you want to be alerted on.  The current version of the indicator works best on the 15 minute time frame, therefore, select the 15 minute chart.  Then right click on the chart, then click on 'Add Alert'.  You can also click on the “Alerts” icon ⏰ in the sidebar and then click “Create Alert”.

2. A “Create Alert” window will appear for your current instrument and timeframe.

3. On the Condition menu, select the Daily4xTrades indicator.  At the next dropdown menu you then choose the alert signal (“Buy” or “Sell” / “Long” or “Short”). Also to save time and avoid having to create an alert for Buys and Sells you can choose the option "Long/Short" which will alert for both Buys and Sells.

4. The next part of the “Create Alert” window is the ‘Options’ setting. Set this to “Once Per Bar Close” so the alert is triggered only at the bar’s close.

5. Set the Expiration time and Alert actions and adjust the Message if you want to something like 'Buy EURUSD', then press “Create”.  Make sure your expiration is set to as far out as TradingView will allow, as once the expiration dates arrives, that alert will cease to function.  When it does expire you simply have to restart it.

6. Your alert has now been created for the selected chart/symbol, indictor and timeframe. The current version of the indicator works best on the 15 minute time frame.

7. You will find all your alerts on the “Alert” list. Click the “Alerts” icon ⏰ (alarm clock) on the right sidebar. Here you can manage your alerts (stop, restart, edit, and delete).

Any questions contact us at help@daily4xtrades.com or use the Contact Us Form.